About us

  About us

TERMOSTAV Bratislava Ltd. deals with the construction of refractory linings, heat facilities, delivery of furnaces, realization of heat and melting aggregates, high factory chimneys and monolithic constructions as well as a realization of the partial repairs or year-long services. 

TERMOSTAV Bratislava Ltd. is active in the field of power engineering, glass industry, processing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, building material, chemical industry, burning of waste and industrial chimneys.

TERMOSTAV Bratislava Ltd. is active in domestic and also foreign markets. During the past few years, the company has worked in countries of Western Europe and also in countries from former Soviet Union.

TERMOSTAV Bratislava Ltd. has a sufficient number of technicians and quality capacities. The company use certificated technologies and equipments and implement the new material from domestic and foreign suppliers in to the projects.

TERMOSTAV Bratislava Ltd. is 100 % owned by parent company DITHERM, SpA. DITHERM works in the same industrial area mostly in Czech market.

Dear business partners,

we have the pleasure to inform you that the company DITHERM and the company TERMOSTAV Bratislava became part of the group LIZMONTAGENS Thermal Technologies (L.T.T.) with headquarters in Lisboa (Portugal).

With us the group incorporates about 28 companies operating on four continents, focusing on engineering and constructions of heat resistant linings in industrial aggregates.

Together with L.T.T., the management is expecting to develop the service provided to its valuable customers, implying a penetration of vocational know-how and skills as well as the employ of more professionals in all of the segments.

All management members and business managers of both of the companies remain in position and will be available for you in usual mode.

Thank you for your trust and cooperation as we are surely looking forward to creating the future with you.

Best regards,

Representative of the companyTERMOSTAV Bratislava, s.r.o.